Certain settlements in New England before 1633 added greatly to the character of the Rhode Island and Massachusetts colonies

They are:

  • those settled by Thomas Weston in 1622;
  • settlers who arrived with Robert Gorges in 1623;
  • those sent by the Dorchester Company to the Cape Ann settlement, from 1624 to 1628;
  • those sent by the Company with Capt. John Endecott aboard the Abigail, 1628;
  • those who came with Rev. Francis Higginson and Rev. Samuel Skelton in the fleet of 1629, and established Salem town;
  • the passengers of the Mary & John who founded Dorchester, 1630;
  • the settlers who came with the Winthrop fleet of 1630; and those who came on the relief ships;
  • certain pre-1633 permanent settlers of Piscataqua, Sagadahoc, and Maine.