English history that impacted Americans before the American Revolutionary War; and the Bucklin family roots in England.

This section of the website summaries of two things: (1) the affect that the English historical background had on Americans at the start of the Revolution, and (2) the Bucklin family roots in England.

English history formed the thinking of Englishmen and Englishwomen who immigrated to colonial New England. Indeed many came to America before 1650 not necessarily for the primary reason of becoming landowners (although that was important), but rather because they wanted relief from religious intolerance, or from taxation, or from other laws and decrees of the English king or parliament they believed unjust.

Although the practices of the English kingdom before 1650 were changed by the English Civil War and its aftermath, Americans in 1770 felt they were being persecuted by the same sort of English government practices from which their grandfathers had suffered in England. Thus, it was not surprising that Americans in the 1700’s believed and repeated the same arguments that Englishmen had used against King Charles I in the 1600’s.

Colonial Americans in New England regarded the English Civil War as the first civil war in their history, and the American Revolution as their second civil war. We provide you a summary of that English history, which affected American thinking, by a page with some of that English history, particularly that of the English Civil War.

The Bucklin family roots are in England, specifically in southern England, and more specifically, probably in Buckland-Ripers, Dorset County, England. We provide you a summary of some family and genealogical history in this “English History Roots” section of the website, but more is found in other parts of this website, such as that involving the biography of William Bucklin (b. 1606).  If your name is Bucklin, you almost certainly have a connection with that William Bucklin. There is no other source in the United States from which the specific “Bucklin” originates.