The best way to submit genealogical information about Bucklins is by a GEDCOM electronic file or disk. That way the information can be added promptly and efficiently. (The Joseph Bucklin Society has no paid employees, and the time to enter material submitted by paper simply often does not exist for months after your submission.) If your genealogy software allows export of a GEDCOM, please submit it using the form further down on this page.

Can I submit my Bucklin Data that is not on a computer genealogy program? Yes! Send your genealogical information in any way you can. If you cannot submit GEDCOM files, a document in Word of PDF format would be helpful, or even some informal handwritten notes. Just give us information and let us worry about organizing it. You are encouraged to submit stories, articles and photographs regarding Bucklin lineage for publication on this site. If you have the files in an electronic format please submit them to us using the form further down on this page.

Submit via Mail

Give some source for your information for each birth and death. The source is the document or resource where you found the information. For example, if you found marriage information in a church register, type the name of this document in this field.

When you submit family history material to us, we need to know the source of the information. That is the only way that scholars can evaluate conflicting information. Be sure to include a “source” for every birth and death. You may not have anything more for a source than one of the following, and if so, use the following source citations:

Report by person himself/herself
Report by spouse or child
Report by 3rd or 4th generation
Notes written by __________ in possession of ____________.
General family knowledge.

It is best if you can enter a written source for your information, but be specific. For example, if your information comes from a family bible you have found, and you just enter “Family bible” in the “Title of source” field, someone other than you cannot tell the difference between your mother’s bible and your cousin’s bible as the source. So your source titles for names of common items should look more like this: ” Family bible for Jane Smith.” But, of course, if you have an official document or a printed source, that is better and should be used as the source when you enter the source of your information.

For a full size printable copy, in PDF format, of forms with questions with blanks for you to fill in, click here for family data forms. You can print them out and mail them, or whatever printed material you have, to us:

Joseph Bucklin Society
310 Santillo Way
Downingtown, PA 19335 USA

We will transcribe and add the information you submit to our database to allow you and other Bucklins to make connections to ancestor lines. Also, importantly, it preserves the information for you and future generations to research, so that the information does not pass away when this generation passes away.

Our privacy policy includes that we do not publish information about living persons without their consent.

Submit Your GEDCOM or other Electronic Files

The Bucklin Society attempts to maintain a database of all known Bucklins. The exchange of genealogical information is a happy event.

GEDCOM is a standard that allows one computer program to package information so that a second computer can read it into the second computer, without retyping all the information. (GEDCOM means Genealogy Electronic Data Communication.) Send your GEDCOM file. That really means a lot to us, because:

  1. we want all the details we can get on Bucklins, and
  2. with a GEDCOM the information can be added promptly and efficiently. Our volunteers’ time to enter material submitted by paper is very limited and your paper submission may sit in a pile for months. If you send a GEDCOM electronic file using the submission form below we can enter data much faster.

For every person who has died, enter something (at least a “?” or “unknown date”) as the date of death.

If you leave a blank for the date of a death, the computer programs we use do not print a record of the person as dead — because the computer’s standard way to treat an undated event is to mark it it as an event that has not yet happened. Because we do not publish data on living persons, you will not see anything published on your great great great grandfather unless you indicate something in the date blank for the date of death. So enter “?”, or some year date, for the date of death.

Your computer genealogy program has instructions how to make a GEDCOM file to send your information to others.

Send what you have. We will worry about the organization instead of you. We can use anything you send us. Do not wait to “finish” or “perfect” or complete items. You can always send us an updated GEDCOM later.

We want sending us a GEDCOM to be as easy for you as it can be. Simply upload your GEDCOM file using the form below. We look at each name you send, and we eliminate extra and collateral lines. We look at the listed sources to edit sources to our format style. I repeat: We want sending us a GEDCOM to be as easy for you as it can be.

And, when we publish the information that is merged into our database, we eliminate details about living persons (only showing that the person exists).

Here is the legal stuff:
#1. Unless stated otherwise at the time of submission, it is assumed that the person submitting the photos or document has the copyright and is releasing the copyright to us for use the submitted item as we see fit, or that the material is not copyrighted.

#2. We reserve the right to choose the documents and photos we accept and to choose the ones to publish on our web site, if we publish any, and to determine in all ways whether a document or photo will be added to the Document Depository. We reserve the right to discontinue the Depository at any time without notice although it is presently intended that this Depository will exist as long as the Joseph Bucklin Society exists.

# 3. Do not send us the actual original document, unless you are willing to give up all ownership to it, so that we may keep or dispose of what you send, as we choose.

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It costs us to keep this large website up and available on the internet, plus respond to inquiries (we get a lot), and do important independent research in dusty libraries to find new information that Bucklin family history.

Because of lack of contributions, some months we “semi-shutdown” and do not enter any new information. We often have no money to hire secretarial help to input the large amounts of data that accumulate. We have a large backlog of family information to enter. There usually is a several months delay, how long depends on donations received. We give priority in entering information submitted by financial contributors.