Lessons in American Colonial History

Are you a teacher looking for source materials on American colonial history that lead to the American Revolutionary War? If you are looking for lesson plans already assembled for your use, take a look at the following sites. We recommend these sites because the assembled lessons are well geared to teaching others.

Curt Smothers has a series of well thought-out lesson plans on the causes of the Revolutionary War.  Curt is by profession both an educator and a writer, and it shows in his excellent articles and suggested discussion questions. They are interesting and informative. Good teaching!

John Concannon has a series of Gaspee lessons and articles for classroom use at his Teachers’ Room at the Gaspee Virtual Archives. Although they are limited to the Gaspee Affair of 1772, he includes visual materials and even Power Point presentations.

(Our site the and Gaspee Archives work cooperatively: the Gaspee Archives concentrates on collecting the maximum volume of material and on public education; the Joseph Bucklin Society concentrates on original research and analysis of historical materials relating to the Gaspee Affair. Our Gaspee Affair history material is primarily located at our separate website on the subject.)

We have historical analysis, original materials, and research on this website regarding the colonial history of the United States, with special emphasis on the analysis of the causes, background, occurrence, and aftermath of the 1772 Gaspee Affair. Explore the “Colonial History” section of this site to see some of that analysis, materials, and research.