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Privacy Policies.

The “Descendants Book’ of genealogical information is edited before publication of the website version to remove data about living persons. If you submit information to us about living persons, it stays here, except for statements in genealogical information and in ancestor and descendant lines that a person does exist and his/her position in an ancestor or descendant line.

It is the Society’s policy not to publish or include data about living persons (not otherwise publicly available on the Internet) on our websites — unless the living person requests or authorizes it.

We will furnish an address or information about a living person ONLY with the living person’s permission to do so. Should you wish to contact someone, ask us, and we will contact that person for their permission to give you their contact information, and then we will respond to you as appropriate.

Personal information about living persons is not given, sold, or otherwise released to other groups or companies.

The information contained in these files has been obtained over past years from various individual contributors and from various sources, including public, church, cemetery, and organization records. Some of the information is from published genealogies, histories and records transcriptions. The desire of some past submitters to include as many ancestors, potential ancestors, cousins, and details as possible has resulted in the admittance of family history data that may be undocumented and based on family tradition or on circumstantial evidence. We continually are in the process of providing documentation as it can be found. The reader must determine and seek from other sources any missing documentation that is desired to meet his/her self-imposed demands for accuracy. The names, dates, and places in these files should give direction in obtaining the desired documentation

Notification is requested if any material in these files is being used contrary to the rights of others. If permission cannot be obtained for the continued use of such material, it will be removed from the files on request of the owner.

Notification is likewise requested if any material in these files is considered to be contrary to the privacy desires of any person or source named. Upon request of the person or source named, the material or reference will be modified or removed.

Corrections and additions will be welcome. Please use our “Contact Us” button to contact us regarding new documentation or information.

Copyright and other Intellectual Property Rights.

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Legal Notices of Disclaimer 

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We reserve the right to choose the documents we accept and to choose the ones we electronically store or the ones we publish on our web site, if we publish any, and to determine in all ways whether a document will be added to the Document Depository. We reserve the right to discontinue the Document Depository, at any time, without notice, although it is presently intended that this Depository will exist as long as the Joseph Bucklin Society exists. Unless requested otherwise at the time of submission, it is assumed that the person submitting the document has the copyright and is releasing the copyright to us for use, or that the material is not copyrighted.