History of the Bucklin Family

This page is a starting point to find or browse information specific to the Bucklin family: facts (including genealogy) of Bucklin family members and history of their activities. The links on this page lead to some of our specific sections devoted to Bucklin family history, including our genealogy database.

Be advised: aside from the links from this page, you can find much more at this site. For example, Bucklins were important in early Rhode Island history. Therefore, most of the pages in our Colonial History or Gaspee History sections of this website will also mention or show facts relevant to Bucklin family members. E.g., the maps of Providence before the Revolutionary War will show where Captain Joseph Bucklin 4th had his home, wharf, shops and warehouses.

The most important thing you can do — Read The Story of William Bucklin: Our Six-hundred Acre Ancestor, who in 1630 started the Bucklin family in America. Masterfully told by a prominent American author.

Search the Bucklin Family Database for Bucklin relatives, ancestors, biographies, and linked photos and documents. Use our 4000 person database. This database was formed by tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of genealogy research and database entry. The Joseph Bucklin Society Database is the most complete available Bucklin family history data.

Read the biography of Joseph Bucklin, 4th, prominent merchant and ship captain of Providence during the Revolutionary War.

Read the biography of the Joseph Bucklin, 5th, for whom this society is named.

Look at interesting photos of Bucklins in the 18th and 19th Centuries, at ancestral Bucklin lands, and such.

Add your Bucklin family ancestors to the Bucklin database. In this day of electronic everything, photo albums are being lost, boxes of letters are sent to the dump, and letters are not even being written. So that chances will be improved that what you know now will be known by future generations of researchers. Add what you know about your family history.

The Society maintains a depository for historical photographs. Do you have Bucklin family items from the period 1600 to 1950? Deposit and safeguard them for you, for historians, and for future generations.