Archive pre-1950 photos or pictures or drawings, of any sort, that are by or about Bucklins, for you, your family, and history researchers.

Don’t limit yourself to photographs. You can send us electronic scans and copies of paintings, drawings, and sketches.

This free storage gives you a backup of those photos and pictures, to refer to if some disaster were to destroy the photographs you have. Also, we preserve the items for historical research and education. Not only future researchers, but your own descendents a hundred years from now may want to see the photo or picture.

Under our privacy policy we do not publish, share, or publically distribute information about any living person (unless it is otherwise publicly available on the Internet) that is deposited with us without that living person’s consent.

To maintain the quality, manage the volume, and provide a simple and concise method, we do the following.

  • We keep the Society Depository in an electronic format. This provides maximum preservation for the future, and for maximum availability for serious researchers.
  • We do not keep paper or other items other than electronically. If you send something to us in a non-electronic form we assume it is a copy that we may destroy after we make the electronic image we maintain for permanent storage.

If you do not have the photo or picture in electronic format, or if you cannot scan a photo yourself, stop at a copy store, like a Kinko’s or UPS Mail Box store. They can scan it into electronic format for you to send to us.

Here is the legal stuff:
#1. Unless stated otherwise at the time of submission, it is assumed that the person submitting the photos or document has the copyright and is releasing the copyright to us for use the submitted item as we see fit, or that the material is not copyrighted.

#2. We reserve the right to choose the documents and photos we accept and to choose the ones to publish on our web site, if we publish any, and to determine in all ways whether a document or photo will be added to the Document Depository. We reserve the right to discontinue the Depository at any time without notice although it is presently intended that this Depository will exist as long as the Joseph Bucklin Society exists.

# 3. Do not send us the actual original document, unless you are willing to give up all ownership to it, so that we may keep or dispose of what you send, as we choose.

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It costs us to keep this large website up and available on the internet, plus respond to inquiries (we get a lot), and do important independent research in dusty libraries to find new information that Bucklin family history.

Because of lack of contributions, some months we “semi-shutdown” and do not enter any new information. We often have no money to hire secretarial help to input the large amounts of data that accumulate. We have a large backlog of family information to enter. There usually is a several months delay, how long depends on donations received. We give priority in entering information submitted by financial contributors.