Location of the Joseph Bucklin 4th’s Grave in the Cemetery

How to Find the North Burial Ground:

Town of: PROVIDENCE – The historic cemetery – oldest stone is dated 1711
Rhode Island Rhode Island Cemetery Transcriptions project ID as Cemetery iD#: PVOO1

To get to it, exit from I-95 at the Branch Ave. exit, and you will almost immediately find the cemetery. Bear right toward Main Street, where the entrance is on Branch before Main Street.

How to Find the Joseph Bucklin Family Graves in the North Burial Ground:

Map of North Burial Ground, Providence, Rhode IslanClick image for a large map with a good view of details of the route to the site. John Sterling knows the Joseph Bucklin 4th grave site in Providence RI location by his method notation as SEC: AA LOT: MAP:00646 — But for the average person, find the site of Joseph Bucklin 4ths grave by entering the North Burial Ground at Providence, RI, and then traveling Northerly on a lane in the cemetery marked as Elm Street. The area you are looking for is shown in this photo.

Bucklin Family Graves After Cleanup

The Joseph Bucklin Society installed this (June, 2003) in the family area of Joseph Bucklin 4th. It memorializes the person who shot the famous shot in 1772, and helps to prevent the identity of Joseph Bucklin from being lost.

Joseph Bucklin 5th Memorial Marker