How will you be remembered? Take a few minutes to consider the first half of your life. Which of the following elements dominate your life: education, adventure, career, family, or something else? How do you want other people to remember you?

Biography and family history is not just for you. It’s also for those who come after you.

You have lived an interesting life. But what will your grandchildren remember about you? Suppose someone 20 years from now says:

“These are the things that defined the life of [your name].”

What would you want people to know about the things that were important to you or about how you grew up or what you did during your lifetime?

We can help you in two ways. The first way we can help you is by storing facts and stories about your family, or storing family documents, or storing family photos. Let future generations and historians know about your family!

This family will live on in this photo for years. The contributor of this photo to the Bucklin Society archives identified it as “…my great grandpa Ulyssis, the little boy in the front, was born in 1864. Beside him is my great, great grandpa Ranson and his family.” If it was not for this contribution, the hundreds of other descendents of Ranson Bucklin would never know about Ranson Bucklin.

Storing Bucklin family history is a free service. It’s part of our attempt to have a listing of all Bucklins since 1600. Tell us basic facts that you want in the Bucklin family database. If appropriate, we’ll store them. (Even if stored, we do not release facts to the public about living persons. Read our privacy policy.)

Send us your family history information. The information cannot be saved if it is not sent to us! We’ll electronically store your documents and photos about Bucklins before 1900. Send your pre-1900 documents (and photos) – by or about Bucklins – for us to record and save for you and your next generations.

The second way we can help you is by helping you move faster and better in your genealogical and historical research efforts.

Would you have liked to know more about your grandparents? Maybe you have tried to learn more about them and have found little about them. Researchers to help you on genealogical and historical research. Read more.

The Bucklin Society adds the power of others to what you can do!