Timeline: English events that affected American history

This is a non-inclusive list of English historical events of which American colonists were aware, and which formed the culture and ideas of the colonial culture in New England.

1512 War with France

1517 Luther denounces indulgences

1522 Renewal of French War

1525 Peace with France

1525 Tyndale translates the New Testament

1531 King becomes “Supreme Head of the Church of England”

1536 Dissolution of lesser monasteries

1538 English Bible issued

1539 Suppression of greater abbeys

1542 Completion of the Tudor conquest of Ireland

1544 War with France

1547 Edward the Sixth (died 1553)

1548 English Book of Common Prayer

1553 Mary becomes Queen (died 1558)

1554 Mary restores Pope as head of Church and restores Catholic prayers

1555 Persecution of Protestants begins

1557 War with France

1558 Elizabeth I becomes Queen (died 1603)

1559 Elizabeth I restores Royal Supremacy as head of Church of England.

1559 Elizabeth I restores English Book of Common Prayer

1560 War in Scotland

1562 Elizabeth supports the French Huguenots

1562 Hawkins begins slave trade with Africa

1563 First penal statute against Catholics

1576 First public theatre in Blackfriars

11584 Colonization of Virginia

1588 Defeat of the Spanish Armada

1597 Ruin of the Second Armada 1603 James the First (died 1625) 1605 Gunpowder Plot

1610 Plantation of Ulster

1618 Beginning of Thirty Years’ War with France

1620 Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers in New England

1625 Charles I becomes King (died 1649)

1630 Winthrop and Massachusetts Bay Colony migrate to New England

1649 Charles I executed

1653 Oliver Cromwell becomes Lord Protector

1658 Death of Oliver Cromwell; Richard Cromwell becomes Lord Protector.

1660 Charles II lands at Dover and becomes King

1665 Plague of London

1666 Fire of London

1672 War begins with Holland

1674 Peace with Holland

1682 Penn founds Pennsylvania

1685 Charles II dies

1685 James II becomes King (died 1701)

1685 James II raises army of 20,000 men, trying to subdue restive Englishmen.

1689 William and Mary made King and Queen

1694 Bank of England set up

1701 Act of Settlement passed

1702 Anne becomes Queen (died 1714)

1707 Act of Union with Scotland

1714 George I becomes King (died 1727)

1715 1727 War with Austria and Spain

1727 George II becomes King (died 1760)

1738 Methodists appear in London.

1739 War declared with Spain.

1739. Handel is publishing music in London.

1745 Charles Edward (Bonnie Prince Charlie) lands in Scotland

1759 Wolfe’s victory on heights of Abraham in Canada

1760 George III becomes King (died 1820) in an era of rising superiority of England both as a military and also as an industrial power.

1763 Peace of Paris (with France)

1763 to 1776 Era of manufacturing inventions establishes domination of English industry:

  • 1763, Wedgwood establishes potteries;
  • 1764. Hargreaves invents Spinning Jenny;
  • 1768, Arkwright invents Spinning Machine;
  • 1769, Watt invents Steam Engine;
  • 1776, Crompton invents the Spinning Mule

1776 Declaration of Independence,

1792 England and United States sign peace agreement.

1793 France declares war on England

1798 Irish revolt crushed at Vinegar Hill

1800 Act of Union with Ireland

1801 George the III rejects Pitt’s plan of Catholic Emancipation

1803 War declared on Buonaparte and France

1805 Battle of Trafalgar

1807 Abolition of Slave Trade