Genealogical and Historical Research Sources for History of Bucklins and Rhode Island

Miscellaneous points for you to consider in developing your research

Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Anyone seriously interested in William Bucklin, his initial descendants, and his original large land purchase in the colonies should contact —–Pawtucket History Research Library—– 30 Fruit Street, Pawtucket, RI 02860; Phone (401) 725-2541. The library contains much Bucklin genealogy information, even maps of William’s land, that can only be obtained there. The Library is a private research library that can assist with inquiries for a negotiated fee. The research is first class. Elizabeth Johnson has maintained the Library in Pawtucket as a storehouse of information regarding Pawtucket and the genealogy and history of the Bucklins. If you cannot go to Pawtucket and spend the days needed to review the mountain of material Mrs. Johnson has on the Bucklins, you probably can hire us to do some research for you.

History of Pawtucket, Rhode Island should be purchased by you. This 337 page book contains much Bucklin genealogy information. It even has maps of William Bucklin’s land of 1646! Authors Johnson and Lucas have complied maps showing the 1691, 1718, and 1755 locations and owners of the 600 acres Bucklin had purchased before 1646, with transparent overlays that show the 1986 streets of Pawtucket, to help you visit today.

Pawtucket, when William Bucklin arrived before 1646 was an unbroken and unsettled wilderness, and thus Pawtucket’s history for the first two centuries after that is bound to the history of the Bucklins, including their east bank ownership of the falls that later became the center of the Industrial Revolution in America. History of Pawtucket has the text of the town records of 1646 mentioning William’s house. History of Pawtucket has pages of facts about the Bucklins and their genealogy. There are 17 pages of index entries about the Bucklins.

Hattie B. Cooper authored an extensive genealogy titled: Squire Bucklin of Foster, RI. His Ancestors back to William Hingham Bucklin and His Descendants, [Roxbury, MA (1944)]. The typescript is at the New England Historic Genealogical Society.

Census Records
. Look at census records online. Historical Research in Rhode Island at Census Census Finder is a “first place” to look for the existence of a Bucklin if you know a place likely to have been her residence, anyplace in the country. The link above goes to the Rhode Island page, but you can check census records around the country at their site.

Winthrop Society. One of the goals of the Winthrop Society is to freely distribute original documents by and about the first settlers of the Massachusetts Bay Commonwealth. The excellent writings in their collection express the ideals and motivation of our Puritan founders, and contain invaluable historical and genealogical information. Read the documents at William Bucklin came to New England in the Winthrop fleet, so the documents at the Winthrop Society make interesting reading, even if they do not help you do research on your Bucklin family line.

New England Historic Genealogic Society
. A serious researcher regarding Rhode Island and Massachusetts lines is well advised to spend some time at the In addition to the library resources helping you on specific searches, you should know that Gary Boyd Roberts, NEHGS Senior Research Scholar, author and reference librarian, shares valuable tips from his knowledge in Genealogical Thoughts, published by the NEHGS. New topics are explored weekly.

In your research are you seeing Pawcatuck, Pawtucket, and Pawtuxet? They are not the same. See the explanation and do not get confused.

The Archive Grid has a Bucklin series of articles that might have what you are looking for regarding Bucklin family history. They do charge for admission to their records. Take a look at their top page and see if it is of interest to you.

Rhode Island Genealogy Societies

Boston to Providence Genealogy Society

East Providence Historical Society This site includes much information about the Rehoboth site that adjoined the original 600 acres of William Bucklin. Study this site, e.g., at to learn history of value to genealogical study of the early Bucklins.

Little Compton Historical Society

north Newport Historical Society