Family History Genealogy or Bucklin Family History

This page will give you ideas for browsing or research and some sites you may want to visit if you are concentrating on Bucklin Genealogy. (We assume you have gone to our database which has over 6,000 persons.)

We recommend most highly the Winthrop Society. The Winthrop Society site is a research point regarding the Massachusetts Bay Colony settlers and genealogy notes on the Winthrop fleet passengers. We reference it on various pages on our site, but you should visit it simply because it is a wonderful organization, with great information regarding the Massachusetts Bay Colony (MBC).

Winthrop Society is a model for websites and non-governmental historical organizations. William Bucklin, the ancestor of the Joseph Bucklin for whom this society is named is the person shown on the Winthrop Society’s ship list in the fleet with Gov. Winthrop as “William Buckland”.

The Newberry Library in Chicago is an independent research library concentrating in the humanities. It houses an extensive non-circulating collection of rare books, maps, and manuscripts. The emphasis here is on New England and colonial America and the reference librarians do assist.

And, of course, there is the great LDS Research site They say “The largest collection of free family history, family tree and genealogy records in the world.” — and it is!

The Whipple family has a great information on their family, which includes information for those digging into American Revolutionary War history. Like the Bucklins, the Whipples were heavily involved in the Revolution. Their sites mentions us at their discussion of Abraham Whipple, who commanded the longboat flotilla attacking the Gaspee. is a commercial site that has links to 76,000 places, and is well indexed. It’s primary use to you may be its on-line classes and information on how to do research but we really do not recommend it, because of the many errors made by some of the persons contributing data to the Bucklin lines maintained there. has some websites with genealogical information, but the persons posting information frequently have wrong information. has message boards which can assist you finding others researching the same family surname. Likewise, the Family Tree Maker’s site and the pages at are sometimes used by Bucklins to post family tree and genealogy, but, frankly speaking, the information on those sites generally does not give source references and is not consistently reliable. If you use information from these sites, regard it as suspect until you have verified the source for the posted information. is a non-profit organization comprised of hundreds of genealogical and historical societies, family associations, and libraries with a combined membership of over 500,000 members. FGS is actively involved in efforts to protect societies, facilitate and coordinate society activities, and monitor events significant to the genealogical community. The Federation is the collective voice for genealogists at the national level.

Cindy’s List is the biggest list of genealogical sources on the web. Here is the mother lode of genealogy indexes. Started by a serious researcher to help herself and other find information on the internet, Cyndi put together thousands of links to pages and sites of interests to genealogists. Now, no genealogist who is serious about family history will fail to visit Cydi’s List to see possible sites to visit for more genealogy information.

Are you looking for a British company, with researchers throughout England. which will search the records of your English ancestors stored in archives throughout England, many of which are unavailable on the Internet. British Ancestors fits that description, and they offer a no-obligation research assessment.