Owners and Locations of Owners of Property in the Compact Part of Providence in 1770

In 1770, there was a tax assessment of the owners of property in the compact part of Providence. The purpose was to provide for measures to prevent fire from spreading in the town.

We have taken the tax assessors’ lists and put the names of the persons assessed into alphabetical order, so you can find the person in whom you are interested. We have: listed the surnames of the persons found in the tax assessment of 1770, then we have shown by the first name, and then we have added a map designation of location of the property assessed.

The designation of the location starts with a Roman numeral, and coordinates, which will allow you to find the property in the Chace maps. Thus, for example, Daniel Abbott was taxed for property which you can find at location III D 4 on the Chace maps. (Henry R. Chace, 1912, available at the Rhode Island Historical Society.)

Map of the 1798 area of Providence shows you the locations referenced by the notations in the list below.

Abbott Daniel III D 4
Abbott Parade XI B 6
Abbott Swamp XI A 3
Aldrich John I B 3
Alger Benjamin VI B 5
Allen Amos III B 1
Allen Amos VI B 6
Allen Jonathan VI C 5
Antram William III A 1
Antram Distill House VI B 6
Aplin Benjamin VI D 2
Aplin John I B 2
Aplin John VI E 2
Aplin Thomas VI D 2
Aplin William VI D 2
Andrews John III A 1
Andrews Zephaniah XI D 4
Angell James III A 3
Angell John III B 3
Angell Nathan III A 3
Angell Thomas III C 3
Arnold Christopher I B 2
Arnold Jonathan III B 5
Arnold Jonathan VI B 6
Arnold Joseph I A 2
Arnold Oliver III B 2
Arnold Sterling I B 2
Arnold Sterling VI D 2
Ashton William I A 2
Ashton Joshua I B 2
Ashton J. and W. I B 2
Atwell Amos XI C 4
Atwell Amos XI C 4
Bacon Elijah XI C 5
Bacon Henry XI B 5
Balch Nathaniel VI C 5
Baptist Meeting House VI B 6
Baptist Meeting House Lot III B 3
Bardine Comfort VI B 5
Bateman Peter — see Wm. Clark VI D 1
Bennett Thomas III C 6
Bernon Eva III A 1
Bernon Gabriel, House III A 1
Berry James III C 6
Black James XI C 4
Black Samuel XI D 4
Boat Yard — see Esec, Eddy XI D 4
Borden Marcy III B 4
Bowen Benjamin III A 1
Bowen Ephraim III B 4
Bowen Isaac III C 6
Bowen Jabez III B 4
Bowen Jabez, Dr. III B 1
Bowen Oliver III B 4
Bowen William, Dr. — see Oliver Bowen III B 4
Branch Daniel XI A 6
Broad Lane VI A 6
Broad Street XI B 5
Brown Allin I A 1
Brown Chad III D 5
Brown Esec III A 2
Brown George I A 2
Brown George XI D 4
Brown Elisha’s Brick House VI C 4
Brown Elisha’s Home VI C 4
Brown Elisha’s Mill VI D 1
Brown Hope III B 3
Brown Isaac VI C 2
Brown James’ Widow Hope III B 5
Brown John III B 5
Brown John III B 6
Brown John VI B 4
Brown John VI C 4
Brown John VI C 4
Brown Joseph III B 5
Brown Molly III A 4
Brown Moses III A 3
Brown Moses III B 5
Brown Nathaniel House — see William Brown III B 1
Brown Nicholas III B 5
Brown Obadiah, Widow III A 4
Brown Richard, Jr. VI C 5
Brown William III B 1
Brown Zephaniah XI B 5
Bucklin Daniel I A 1
Bucklin Joseph I B 3
Bucklin Joseph XI D 3
Burkitt John III B 5
Burkitt Thomas III B 5
Burkitt T. and J. III B 5
Burial Ground see Meeting Ho. Lot XI A 6
Burying Ground VI B 5
Burr David VI D 3
Burr David Widow III B 3
Burr Ezekiel VI C 4
Burr Ezekiel VI C 5
Burr Levi VI C 5
Burrough John I A 1
Butler Samuel XI D 4
Butler Samuel XI D 3
Cahoone Daniel — see Thurber and Cahoone VI C 5
Camp Hill VI A 4
Camp Street see Horse Pasture Lane VI E 4
Carew Samuel Dr. XI B 5
Carpenter Gershom I A 1
Carr Lucy, Widow I B 1
Carter John III A 3
Carver John XI D 4
Cary John XI D 4
Chace Samuel III B 5
Chace William III B 5
Charles Street VI B 5
Ch___kley William XI B 5
Chestnut Street see Cowpen Point XI B 6
Clark Jamessee Wm. Clark VI D 1
Clark Nicholas XI C 4
Clark William VI D 1
Coates Benjamin III B 5
Cole John, Judge III B 6
College Lane see to Meeting House III B 4
Compton William XI B 6
Comstock Gideon XI C 5
Cook Nicholas I A 1
Corlis George III B 6
Corn Mill VI B 5
Cory Isaac XI A 5
Cory William I B 3
Cotton Josiah, Rev. III C 2
Court House III B 2
Cowpen Point XI B 6
Coy Samuel III C 6
Cozzens Benjamin VI E 1
Crawford Gideon III B 1
Crawford John, Capt — see John Updike. III B 3
Crawford John Widow VI B 6
Crawford Joseph III B 5
Crawford Joseph III B 5
Currie Samuel VI C 4
Cushing Benjamin III B 2
Cushing Benjamin III B 5
Custom House see Ebenezer Tyler III B 5
Daggett Henry — should be Henry Paget III B 4
Dexter Edward III B 6
Dexter Gregory House VI C 5
Dexter John XI C 4
Dexter Knight III B 3
Dexter William XI B 5
Dickey Robert XI D 3
Distill House VI B 6
Distill House Lane XI C 5
Donnilson William — aka Donilson I B 3
Donnilson William XI D 3
Downer Silas XI C 4
Drowne Solomon III B 4
Dunwell John XI D 3
Dryer Thomas III B 4
Earl William III B 6
Earl William I B 2
Eddy Barnard XI C 4
Eddy Esec XI D 4
Ellis Jonathan XI D 4
Episcopal Church see King’s Church III B 1
Fenner Arthur III B 4
Fenner Arthur III B 6
Ferry Road 1912 — Hope St. III
Field Anthony VI C 5
Field Charles, Widow III B 6
Field James XI B 5
Field John, Capt. XI D 4
Field William III B 5
Field William III D 5
Fitton John XI D 3
Foster John VI C 4
Foster Theodore XI D 4
Fox Hill I C 5
Franklin Asa XI C 4
Franklin Freelove VI C 4
Frazier Alexander XI C 5
Friends Meeting House III B 2
Frothingham Nathaniel XI A 6
Gaspee House Woodbury, Morris III B 6
Gibbs Robert, Dr. and see D. Tillinghast III B 6
Gladding Timothy XI C 4
Goal Lane III B 3
Godfrey Richard III B 4
Gorham Benjamin VI B 5
Gorton Daniel VI C 3
Great Point XI B 1
Great Salt Cove XI B 2
Greene James III B 3
Greene Nathaniel XI D 3
Greene Thomas III B 5
Green Lane VI E 4
Greenwich Navy I B 3
Grist Mill VI D 1
Hacker Joshua III B 6
Hacker’s Hall III C 6
Halle Coomer VI C 3
Hammond Jonathan III B 4
Hanover Street now College III B 4
Harding Benjamin I B 2
Harding Eleazer XI C 4
Harris Caleb XI B 5
Harris David III A 4
Harris Thomas III D 6
Harris William, Lieut. VI C 1
Hartshorn Stephen I B 3
Hawkins Edward III A 2
Hawkins Edward XI C 4
Hawkins Edward XI A 5
Healy Recompense VI B 6
Hearn Morris VI C 4
Hewes Joseph, Dr. VI C 3
Hewes Joseph, Dr. VI C 3
Hewes Joseph, Dr. I B 3
Hide Christopher VI B 6
High Street aka Plainfield Road XI A 6
Holroyd William III A 3
Hopkins Christopher III B 3
Hopkins Esec III B 5
Hopkins Esec VI B 4
Hopkins Rufus III B 5
Hopkins Stephen III B 5
Hopkins Lane, next Hopkins House III B 5
Horse Pasture Lane see Green Lane VI E 4
Horton Amos
Howell David III B 6
Howell David Farm VI D 3
Hoyle James XI A 6
Hoyle John XI A 6
Hoyle John, Dr. XI A 6
Hunt Benjamin VI B 6
Ingraham Joseph III C 6
Ingraham Samuel XI A 5
Ingraham Samuel XI B 6
Jackson George XI D 4
Jackson Richard III B 4
Jackson Samuel III B 2
Jackson Samuel III B 3
Jackson Stephen III B 2
Jacobs Nathaniel XI C 5
Jacobs Nathaniel XI D 4
Jacobs Nathaniel, Widow XI A 6
Jenckes Daniel III B 4
Jenckes Daniel & Co. XI C 4
Jenckes John III B 4
Jones John I C 3
Keen Charles VI B 5
Kelley Lawrence III B 5
Kelton John I A 2
Kelton Stephen. Or Kilton III A 2
Killingly Road VI A 4
Kilton John III A 2
King’s Church III B 1
Kinnicut Amos XI D 4
Kinnicut Edward III B 4
Kinnicut Joseph XI D 4
Knowles Edward VI D 2
Knowles Jonathan VI D 2
Larcher John XI D 4
Lawrence Daniel VI D 2
Lawrence David III A 3
Laws David — see D. Low error on map I B 1
Liberty Tree See Olney Tavern VI C 4
Long Wharf Stores XI D 4
Lovett & Greene III B 4
Lovett J III B 5
Laws David I B 1
Luther Seth VI E 1
Malen John VI A 6
Man Benjamin XI C 4
Manchester Gideon XI C 5
Manchester Thomas XI C 5
Market House, not built see Town Parade III B 4
Martin Joseph XI D 4
Mason Aaron VI D 2
Mason Joseph VI E 1
Mason Timothy VI D 2
Mathewson John XI C 4
Mathewson John Farm XI A 4
Mathewson Street see School Street XI B 5
Mawney John, Dr. III B 2
McGill Robert XI D 3
Meeting House III B 4
Meeting House XI A 6
Meeting Street or Old Goal Lane III B 3
Mitchel James III B 5
Morris Woodbury III B 6
Mosshassuck River VI B & C
Mowrey Philip VI C 3
Mowry Tavern VI E 1
Muddy Dock Bridge XI C 4
Muddy Dock Cove XI C 5
Mumford John — see John Wilson XI B 5
Nash John I B 3
Nash Joseph VI B 6
Nash Joseph VI D 2
Nash Lane VI C 2
New Light Meeting House or Snow’s Meeting House XI B 6
New Market Junction see James Hoyle XI A 6
Newport Lot see Rogers Lot XI B 5
Nightingale Joseph III B 3
Nightingale Samuel XI C 5
Nightingale Samuel, Jr. III B 4
Oil Works see Spermaciti Works XI C 4
Old Goal III B 3
Olney Charles VI B 5
Olney James VI C 5
Olney Joseph VI C 4
Olney Richard III A 2
Olney Samuel VI C 5
Olney Thomas I C 3
Olney Thomas VI C 5
Olney Tavern VI C 4
Orms John VI B 4
Orms Street see Road to Killingly VI C 4
Owen Joseph VI E 1
Owen Solomon VI B 5
Packard Fearnot III A 1
Packard Nathaniel III A 1
Page Ambrose III A 2
Page Ambrose III A 3
Paget Henry III B 4
Page Street see Distill House Lane XI C 5
Payson George VI C 5
Pearce Benoni XI C 5
Peavey Bel I B 1
Peirce Jabez XI B 5
Peirce Jabez XI B 5
Peck Allen XI C 5
Peck Place VI D 2
Pitman Sanders III A 2
Point Pleasant XI B 3
Poor House see Work House VI B 5
Potash Lot XI B 5
Potter Joseph XI C 5
Potter Philip XI D 3
Potter Simeon III B 6
Potter William III B 4
Potter’s Ditch XI C 5
Power Nicholas I B 1
Power Nicholas I C 1
Power Nicholas III C 6
Nicholas Street or Lane I C 1
Presbyterian Meeting House III B 4
Prison Lot VI C 5
Providence Gazette Office see John Carter III A 3
Providence Library see Old Court House III B 2
Randall Peter VI D
Rawson Grindal XI B
Richardson William House
see John Carter III A
Richmond Barzillia XI A
Richmond Barzillia XI B
Richmond Lane XI A
Ritto Peter XI B
Road to Ferry I B to E
Road to Killingly VI A
Road to Pawtuxet XI A 6
Plainfield XI A 6
Robinson E. — see also Turpin Tavern III B 3
Rogers Lot XI B 5
Rowland David S., Rev. III B 1
Russell Jonathan III B 4
Russell Joseph III A 3
Russell J. and W. III A 3
Russell William III A 3
Sabin Thomas III B 6
Sabin Thomas III B 4
Sabin Thomas III B 4
Sabin Timothy I B 2
Sanders Nathaniel III B 2
Sayles John VI B 5
School House VI C 4
School House XI B 5
Scott Richard III C 1
Seamans or Simmons Charles VI B 4
Seamans or Simmons John VI B 4
Searle Solomon XI B 6
Seaver Richard XI A 6
Sessions Darius III A 1
Sessions Darius III A 2
Sheldon Christopher I B 2
Sheldon Christopher I B 3
Sheldon Pardon I B 2
Sheldon Land I D 3
Shepard Benjamin VI C 2
Shipyard Lane See to Cowpen Point XI B 6
Shipyard Old — see Joseph Kinnicut XI D 4
Ship Street XI B 6
Simmons James — aka Seamons I C 3
Smith Abial XI D 4
Smith Abram XI C 4
Smith Charles’ Widow — see Widow Smith VI B 5
Smith David XI B 5
Smith Edward III A 1
Smith Henry — see Job Smith & Sons VI B 6
Smith Job VI A 6
Smith Job & Sons VI B 6
Smith John III A 2
Smith John VI B 3
Smith William III B 1
Smith William VI B 6
Smith Street VI A 6
Snow Daniel XI B 6
Snow Joseph, Deacon XI B 6
Snow Joseph, Parson XI B 6
Snow’s Lane XI B 5
Snow’s Meeting House XI B 6
Snow Street XI B 5
Spermaciti Works XI C 4
Sprague Obadiah VI C 5
State House see Court House III B 2
Sterling Henry, Dr. III B 5
Sterry Robert III A 3
Stevens Bridge VI B 4
Stevens Bridge Road VI C 3
Still House XI C 5
Sugar Lane XI B 5
Sutton Bartholemew VI B 6
Sweeting Job XI C 5
Sweeting Job XI D 3
Sweeting Joseph III B 5
Talbot Benjamin XI B 5
Tallman Benjamin XI D 4
Tan Yard VI D 2
Taylor George VI C 4
Thayer Abner VI B 6
Thayer Simeon VI C 5
Thompson Ebenezer III B 4
Thurber Benjamin — see Thurber & Cahoone VI C 5
Thurber Edward VI C 5
Thurber James XI B 5
Thurber Samuel VI B 5
Thurber Samuel, Jr. VI B 5
Tifft Daniel XI B 5
Tillinghast Benjamin I c 2
Tillinghast Charles I B 2
Tillinghast Daniel III B 5
Tillinghast Nicholas III B 5
Tillinghast Pardon I C 3
Tillinghast Pardon I D 3
Tillinghast Philip — see William I B 2
Tillinghast William I B 2
Tillinghast & Holroyd III A 3
Tockwotton I D 4
Tourtellot Williams III A 1
Town Parade III B 4
Town Wharf see Town Parade III B 4
Town Work House VI B 6
Training Ground see Abbot Parade XI B 6
Transit Street see Power Ferry I C 3
Tripe Samuel III A 1
Turpin Sarah VI D 3
Turpin Farm VI B 2
Turpin Tavern VI C 3
Tyler Ebenezer III B 5
Tyler William III B 1
Tyler William VI B 6
Updike John III B 3
Vandergrift Mary — see Hope Brown III B 5
Verry James I B 3
Wading Place XI D 3
Walcott William VI C 4
Ward Nehemiah XI B 5
Warner Nathan XI D 4
Warner Samuel I B 2
Waterman Amaziah III B 3
Waterman Andrew XI C 5
Waterman Richard III C 4
Water Street I B 2
Waterman’s Marsh XI C 3
Weir Archibald XI C 5
Westminster Street XI B & C
Westrand Mary III B 5
Wheaton Comfort VI B 6
Wheaton Ephraim VI C 3
Wheaton Nathaniel III B 1
Wheaton Nathaniel VI B 6
Wheaton William XI D 4
Whipple Abraham VI D 3
Whipple Azariah VI D 2
Whipple Benjamin VI E 1
Whipple Christopher XI B 5
Whipple Jabez VI D 2
Whipple Joseph III B 6
Whipple Joseph VI B 5
Whipple Stephen XI D 4
Whipple William VI C 4
Whipple Island XI D 1
Whitman Jacob XI D 4
Wickenden Street see Tockwotton I D 4
Wiley John — see the Wiley error on map I B 3
Wiley John XI B 5
Wilkenson William VI D 1
Wilkinson David III B 2
Williams Daniel I C 2
Williams Jack VI C 3
Williams Roger III C 2
Willmot John III C 6
Wilson John XI B 5
Winsor John XI D 4
Winsor Joshua I B 2
Winsor Samuel I B 2
Young Archibald III B 6
Young Archibald III B 6
Young Archibald III B 5
Young George XI D 4